What if the path to true freedom leads through the stormiest battles against the truth?

About Eleanor

Eleanor Tomczyk is a memoirist and humorist blogger renowned for her engagingly funny musings as an ex-Evangelical Conservative Christian and African-American Baby Boomer. Embarking on a new career as a storyteller at 60, she draws on her experiences in White Conservative churches. Now in her mid-70s and a wife, mother, and grandmother, she runs a weekly humorous political blog titled "How the Hell Did I End Up Here?" Her multifaceted career also spans roles as a singer, actress, motivational speaker, and award-winning voice-over artist.

About House of Oz Undone

Dive into Eleanor Tomczyk's House of Oz Undone, a bold reimagining of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This 2024 novel sharply critiques the entanglement of truth and deception in modern faith, echoing the impactful narrative of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Authored by an audacious ex-evangelical Black Christian, the book is a call to action against the dangerous blend of extremism and religion, aiming for a societal overhaul akin to the changes spurred by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

What Readers Say About Eleanor's Work

“I just spent the last day reading Eleanor Tomczyk’s Tour de Force.  I LOVED it!  The book kept me fully engaged and was a real page turner.”

—Beta Reader on House of Oz Undone

“Eleanor is a true storyteller. She is engaging, riveting and truly amazing. She touched me emotionally many times with her journey. Thank you, Eleanor. Please write the sequel very soon. I can’t wait!”

—Amazon Review on Monsters’ Throwdown

“This book took guts to feel, to believe, and to put in print. It is raw beauty, love, emotion, pain, and healing all in one.”

—A. Gaudreaux, Freelance writer/editor on Fleeing Oz

“Absolutely brilliant!! She allowed me to laugh, cry, and heartily agree with just about everything. Highly recommend this to anyone, but especially women who are facing aging bodies, the great unknown ahead, and who just plain old need a laugh.”

—Amazon Review on The Fetus Chronicles

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“Eleanor Tomczyk was born literally and metaphorically in a toilet; abject poverty, abandonment, fear, hate and prejudice. But she ends up full of love, hope and optimism. How she gets there is a tale worth reading and keeping in your heart.”
—Amazon Review