August, 2021

Author, Eleanor Tomczyk, appeared in the Talk of the Colony magazine with other authors who live in Ford’s Colony to feature her books, speaking and book club availability.

Author, Eleanor Tomczyk, chillin’ in her 70s and still writing…

Author Eleanor Tomczyk greeting fans at the Williamsburg, Va Book Festival/Oct. 2019

Motivational speaker and Author Eleanor Tomczyk teaching storytelling at Ford’s Colony Newcomers’ Meeting/2018

“I am a teacher who writes—not a writer who teaches.”—Maya Angelou

The Author doing what she does best: telling stories that touch hearts.  An hour spent with the lovely ladies of N Street Village telling humorous stories and reading from her first book Monsters’ Throwdown made this book signing in Washington, DC, which was standing room only, one of the most exhilarating times of the Author’s life.